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Council Junior School
Miss Stokes' Class 1956-7

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Stokes's Class 1956-7

The date of this was originally given as 1955, but from the pupils who appear in this and other class photos of the same period, it appears to be from 1956-7.

Back row: 1. Peter Knibbs, 2. Wayne Dukes, 3. Patrick Stokes, 4. Ernie Wallington, 5. Robin Sharp, 6. Billy Archer, 7. Nigel Basford.

Middle Row: 1. Peter Hobson, 2. Philip Slater, 3. Peter Forscutt, 4. Roderick Dew, 5. Alan Short, 6. Patrick Barlow, Stephen Ellerby, 8. Warren Austin, 9. ---?---, 10. Richard Kirby.

Seated: 1. Roy Parfitt, 2. Patsy Vilette, 3. Rosemary Whittemore, 4. Maureen Williams, 5. Linda Evans, 6. Susan Hyde?, 7. Kathleen York, 8. Pamela Talbot, 9. Kathleen Benford, 10. Kathleen Smith, 11. Christopher Banks.

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