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County Council Junior School
Miss Ireson's Class 1969

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Ireson's Class 1969

This is Miss Ireson's class and have been given the year as 1969. It seems to have been taken on the same day as that of the Class 1E Recorder Group - all of the group appear here too and are dressed the same in both photos. We are very grateful to Dianne Garbett (nee York) for helping us over this, and to Anne Hill (nee Cosby) for suggesting some other names. Please help us to fill the other blanks or confirm the queried names!

Back row: 1. Sally Childs,  2. ---?---, 3. ---?---, 4. Peter Briggs, 5. Diana Bird, 6. Rodney Bulley, 7. Nicola King?, 8. David Pack, 9. David Francis, 10. Lynne Chisholm, 11. Miss Ireson

Third Row: 1. Tracy Liggins,  2. Diane Goode?, 3. Anne Cosby, 4. Janet Farmer, 5. Catherine Johnson, 6. Carol Chisholm, 7. Peter Knighton, 8. ---?---, 9. Vaughn Dent,

Second Row: 1. Derek Gilbert?,  2. Pauline Matravers, 3. ---?---, 4. ---?---, 5. Mandy Lane, 6. Joseph Delmonica, 7. Debbie Cook?

Front Row: 1. Terry Blissett,  2. Philip Lawrence, 3. Vaughn Meads, 4. Kerry Chamberlain

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