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County Council Junior School
Miss Ireson's Class early 1960s

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Ireson's Class early 1960s

We were originally given to understand that this photo might have been from 1964-5, but we have other photos of Miss Ireson's class from around that time, and also by the middle of the 1960s, school photos were generally in colour. We therefore think that this might be slightly earlier, maybe 1962-3. Can you date the year more accurately for us?

Back row: 1. Miss Ireson,  2. Alyson Hobbs , 3. Gary Williams, 4. Kevin McNamara , 5. Christine Bellamy, 6. Irene Jolley, 7. Paul Fabian, 8. Margaret Granger, 9. Lyn Clipson, 10. Richard Mitchell, 11. Marion Bulmer, 12. Julie Randall, 13. ---?---, 14. ---?---, 15. Clare Robinson

Seated: 1. Jacqui Goode, 2. Maureen Nicholson, 3. Sandra Benford, 4. Jean Benford, 5. Rosie Winkle, 6. John French, 7.Stephen Bennett, 8. Arthur Lovell, 9. ---?---, 10. ---?---

Thanks to Mick Lewis for sending a missing name. If you can help us with the last few missing names, please get in touch!

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