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County Council Junior School
Miss Clipson's Class 1959-60

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Clipson's Class 1959-60

This photo was originally said to be from "the late 1950s". Thanks to confirmation from Tony Jolley it has been positively dated as 1959-60.

Back Row: 1. Christopher Northern, 2. Thomas Wardle, 3. Anthony Jolley, 4. Ian Ellis, 5. Christopher Davis, 6. Brian Youney, 7. Richard Wallington, 8. Barry Stephenson, 9. Colin Olorenshaw, 10. Alan Scotter.

Second Row: 1. Christopher Briggs, 2. Philip James, 3. David Downing, 4. Terry Beeby, 5. John Hodson? 6. Keith Eady, 7. Ian Gardner, 8. Pat Olorenshaw, 9. Nadine Birnie

Third Row: 1. Heather Beddoes, 2. Linda Feary, 3. Pamela Dacre, 4. Jean Clifton, 5. Diane Smith, 6. Faith Jakes, 7. Karen Lovell, 8. Susan Smith, 9. Pamela Sharp, 10. Kathy Johnson.

Front row: 1. Judith Matravers, 2. Corrinne Saddington, 3. Ruth Watson, 4. Jacqui Buckby, 5. Judith Amos, 6. Christine Bewers, 7. Elaine Smith, 8. Pat Fabion, 9. Carol Allen, 10. Allison Rose, 11. Ann Burley

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