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Council Junior School
Class 4 - 1951

Burton Latimer Council School - Class 4 in 1951

Back row: Patrick Elderkin, Keith Woodlands, Barry Mason, Tony Goddard, Paul Robinson, Anthony Drage, Clive Parsons, Keith Cooper, Dennis Ramsbottom

Third row: Richard Lewis, Eileen Cox , Mr Pentelow, Pat Dainty , Richard Colledge , Faye Chester

Second row: Molly Hodgkinson, Jean Coleman, Richard Chalkley, Ruby Muir, John Newing, Valerie Walker, Peter Giles

Front row: Marion Merton, Robert Turner, Jimmy Strudwick, Marion Villette, Dawn Hodson, Nigel Stokes, Jeremy Crocker

The Society is grateful to Anthony Drage for supplying most of the names here, to Kevin Warren for identifying his mother Marion Merton, and to Marion for identifying Clive Parsons. Mission accomplished!

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