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Council Junior School
The 11-Plus Class - 1952

Burton Latimer Council School - The 11-plus Class 1952

Back row:  John Lack, Sean Karley, Michael Ridgeway, Michael Lack, Nigel Stokes

Middle row: Pat Dainty, Helen Keach, Maureen Harrison, Judith pentelow, Jean Coleman

Front row:  John Northern, Francis Brown, Brian Wright

Our grateful thanks to John Lack for sharing this photo.

Historical Note: From the mid-1940s until the early 1970s most children in the top class at Junior School (i.e. just aged 11 or coming up to the 11th birthday) took an exam known as the 11-Plus to determine which secondary school would best suit them. The introduction of both Middle and Comprehensive schools in many parts of the country saw the end of this general selection process in the 1970s, though the exam continued for a while in those parts of the country which did not adopt the Comprehensive system of secondary education.

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