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Council Infants School
Mrs Marks' Class 1955

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Mrs Marks Class 1955

This time we have the teacher and year, plus most of the names. Can you help us fill in the last few missing ones?

Back row: Mrs Marks, Pam Adkins, Christine Bewers, Faith Jakes, Kathy Johnson, Pat Fabian, Ann Burley

Middle row: Pam Dacre, Diane Smith, Heather Beddoes, Karen Lovell, Philip James, Keith Eady, Allison Rose, Valerie Jempson, Pam Sharpe, Paul Bewers

Front Row: Angela Jempson, Judith Matravers, Patrick Wilson, Nadine Birnie, David Downing, Ruth Watson, Neil Brown, ..........? , ..........? , ..........? , ..........? , ..........?

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