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Council Infants School
Reception Class 1954-5

Burton Latimer - Education: Council School Infants - Reception Class 1954-5

We are indebted to Anne Hull (nee Papworth) for donating this photo and adding so many names. Comparing it with others for this group of schoolchildren, this must be their Reception year. If you can remember who the teacher would have been, or help us with any of the missing names here, please get in touch.

Back row: 1. Linda Farrell, 2 --?--, 3. Stuart Thornton, 4. John Bewers, 5. Susan Hyde.

Middle row: 1. Lee Mawby, 2 Stuart Ridgeway, 3. Michael McCann, 4. Anthony Mellors,  5 --?--, 6. Michael Granger, 7. --?--, 8. Nicholas Garlick, 9.  Stuart Green, 10. --?--, 11. Bill Johnson.

Front Row: 1. --?--, 2. Diane Short, 3. Jadwiga Pernak, 4. Anne Papworth, 5. --?--, 6. Susan Long, 7. Lesley Evans, 8. Diane Hudson, 9. Helen Cox, 10. Sheila Talbot, 11. Yvonne Evans, 12. Jacqueline Ellerby. 

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