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Council Infants School
Class c.1957

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Unidentified Class c.1957

We are very grateful to Peter York and Trevor Cooper for both sending in this photo - we merged the various names they each remembered. We are massively indebted to Reg Carvell for filling in 23 (!) missing names. He thinks the year might have been 1958 and the class Miss Hornbuckle's, or possibly 1959 and the class above - can anyone help us confirm either of these?

Back row: 1. Christine Briggs, 2. Michael Green, 3. Joan Prested, 4. Christine Lovell, 5. Ellen Martin, 6. Marion Bulmer, 7. Allan Brown , 8. Linda Stack 9. Jean Benford, 10 Patricia Wright, 11. Philip Wallington, 12. Elaine Olerenshaw, 13. Kevin McNamara, 14. Peter York

Middle row: 1. Paul Fabian, 2. Christine Rose, 3. Julie Randall, 4. Martin Smith 5. Lindsey Walters, 6. Reggie Carvell, 7. Trevor Cooper, 8. Lynn Clipson, 9. Jackie Goode, 10. Christine Bellamy, 11. Sheila Hyde, 12. Peter Ramsbottom,

Front Row: 1. ......? 2. Elizabeth Underwood, 3. Colin Jolley, 4. Margaret Granger, 5. .......? , 6. Sandra Benford, 7. Trevor Lovell, 8. Stephen Granger, 9. Peter Cox, 10. Richard Mitchell, 11. Christina Mayne, 12. Christine Ramsbottom, 13. Rosemary Winkle

Can you help us fill either or both of the last two blanks? If you can, please get in touch.

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