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St Mary's School

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer in the mid-1950s

This photo was thought to have been taken in the mid-50s, and thanks to the Gazeley family, the year can be confirmed as school year 1954-5. Our grateful thanks also go to Jim & John Aveling for supplying the names of the teachers and to Patricia Warwick (nee Baker) for giving us one of the last two missing names.

Back row: Diane Walton, Glenys Lewis, Lesley Betts, Albert Liggins, Michael Grice, Graham Link, Graham Hughes, Janet Lewis, David Dunn, Michael Cook, John Aveling, Stella Williams, Jeanette Wright.
Fourth Row: Una Bodimer, Lynne Buckby, Sheila Smith, Shirley Cheney, Shirley Wheaton, Helena Dohnalek, Patricia Baker, Viv Sawford, Susan Howard, Sheila Ellson, Marilyn Waterfield, Janet Krajcir, Mary Allison, Jennifer Hearn, Ann Vernon, Vanessa Clipstone, Glenys Buckman, Margaret Whitney, Rosemary Clipson, Megan Lewis.
Third Row: Peter Key, Rodney Clements, Trevor Jones, David Smith, Richard York, John Dohnalek, Gerald Cook, John Crisp, Pete Craddock, Francis Allison, Hugh Lutener, Owen Brown, Jimmy Fraser, Michael Vernon, Johynny Wood, Adrian Sharman, Kenny Hoddle, Tony Wills, John Painter.
Second row: Rodney Gazeley, Catherine Allatt, Marion Wright, Muriel Buckler, Helen Hales, Fay Whittle, Delia Whitney, Susan Harris, Ruth Gray, Maria Krajcir, Miss Freeman, Mr G C Cleaver (Headmaster), Miss Metcalf[e], Linda Bond, Pam Hancock, Valerie Noble, Pat Byland, Doreen Craddock, Diane Knighton, Marie Oram, Pat Hughes, Leslie Fox.
Front row: Kevin Devine, Tony Pollard, John Hobbs, Frank Shaw, Stuart Dunn, Peter Long, Marshall Palmer, Rodney Cheney, Michael Vernon, Roger Perkins, John Byland, Barry Carter, Melvin Blowfield, Stephen Smith, John Osborne, ….. Painter? Neville Whitney.

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