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St Mary's School
Mr Pringle's Class 1957-8

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer : Class 1957-8

This photo was kindly supplied by Carol Preston (nee Vowles). Our thanks to Teresa Simpson (nee Rees) for confirming that it is of Mr Pringle's Class.

Back row: 1. John Osborn, 2. Bryan Lewin, 3. John Painter, 4. Marshall Palmer, 5. Rodney Clements, 6. Frank Shaw, 7. Neville Whitney, 8. Steven Smith, 9. Rodney Gazeley, 10. Leslie Fox

Second row: 1. Roman Tajzler, 2. John Byland, 3. Shirley Cheney, 4. Susan Howard, 5. Helena Dohnalek, 6. Pat Hughes, 7. Vivian Sawford, 8. Ann Vernon, 9. Stuart Dunn, 10. Melvyn Blowfield

Front row: 1. Anita Craddock, 2. Janet Taylor, 3. Teresa Rees, 4. Lynn Neville, 5. Mr Pringle, 6. Megan Lewis, 7. Sheila Smith, 8. Vanessa Clipstone, 9. Carol Vowles

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