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St Mary's School
Mr Pringles Class - 1961-62
Year 3 of 4

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer : St Mary's School Class - 1960-61

This photo was first calculated to be of a Year 2 juniors class in the school year 1960-61 but another opinion places it as Mr Pringle's class in 1961-2 in its third year of four. The class remained with Mr Pringle for a further year. This was after Miss Appleby left to teach at the County Mixed School leaving Mrs Noville to teach the first two Junior years and Mr Pringle the final two years.

Back row: Mr Pringle,1. Ian Sharman, 2. David Hammond, 3. Howard Perkins, 4. David Nesbitt, 5. Derek Stokes, 6. Tommy Gore, 7. Allan Francis, 8. George Black,

Middle Row: 1. David Byland, 2. Terry Gazeley, 3. Richard Almond, 4. Linda Lewis, 5. Pat Drage, 6. Patsy Meadows, 7. Janet Culverhouse, 8. Lee Cousins, 9. Adrian Byland

Front row: 1. Larraine Tayleure, 2. Stella Craddock, 3. Diane Whiteman, 4. Susan Lewis, 5. Christine Ashby, 6. Julie Almond, 7. Sheila Hoddle, 8. Rosemary Edmonds, 9. Caroline Bradbury

Our thanks to Teresa Simpson (nee Rees) for giving us half a dozen missing names, and to the Gazeley family for filling in the rest. Also thanks to Janet Stanford (nee Culverhouse) for information regarding the teaching arrangements.

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