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St Mary's Church Infants School
Mrs Tajzler's Class 1971-72

St Marys Church Infants School c.1980

This photo is thought to date from about 1971-72, and thanks to Rob Jolley, we know that it is a mixed age class.

Back row: Mrs Tajzler, 1. Anthony Hoggett, 2. Christopher Coles, 3. Terry Coles, 4. David Gazeley, 5. Anthony Evans, 6. Mark Gazeley, 7. Andrew Althorpe, 8. Tracey Squires, 9. Caroline Gammon

Middle Row: 1. ----?----, 2. Corynne Fuller, 3. Rebecca Toseland, 4. Michelle Evans, 5. Darren Barnes, 6. Jamie Mitchell, 7. Robert Kibble, 8. Donna Whitney, 9. Rachel Ellson

Front row: 1. Deborah Shelton, 2. Caroline Gibbs, 3. Teresa Wright, 4. Daryl Mantle, 5. Helen Roberts, 6. Peter Evans, 7. Kate Burdett, 8. Sarah Brice, 9. Lloyd Tailby, 10. Hayley Smith, 11. Elizabeth Hoddle, 12. Sarah Townsend

Our thanks to Rob Jolley and Louise Loasby (nee Ellson) for supplying the first batch of a dozen or so names, to the Gazeley family for filling several more, to Karon Coles (nee Osborne) for yet another eight names, to Andrew Wright and Hayley Smith for a couple of the last missing entires, to Michelle Page (nee Evans) for giving us a couple of corrections, and to Jonathan Gammon for confirming a queried name.

If you can help us fill the last blank or confirm the last queried name, please get in touch!

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