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Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph dated 17 July 1995

Rectory in Fire Scare

Fire crews from Kettering and Burton Latimer were called to a fire at The Rectory in Burton Latimer last night.

Firefighters say the blaze started in the bedroom of the Rev John Simmons' teenage son at 9.20 pm when he was filling his lighter and accidentally ignited the fluid.

Mr Simmons did not wish to comment on the incident.

Sub-officer John McClure of Kettering fire station said: "The vapour must have got into the bed and mattress and the fire spread."

Most of the bedroom was damaged by smoke and the bed and bedding destroyed.

The rest of the house was slightly damaged by smoke.

Mr McClure said: "It could have been a lot worse but the son alerted his family and the smoke detector went off.

"Everybody was out safely by the time we got there."

Crews returned to station at about 9.45 pm.

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