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Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph, October 22nd 1998

Pensioners Block Road in School Row

Photograph of Latimer Close residents protesting over school parking
Protest - Latimer Close residents angry over school parking

Angry pensioners have been forming their own human roadblock to stop parents illegally parking outside a school's gates.

Residents living in Latimer Close, Burton Latimer, are so fed up at thoughtless drivers causing chaos and safety risks to pedestrians, they have carried out a protest for the past two afternoons.

The residents of flats in Latimer Close, which is opposite East Lea St Mary's Primary School, have been lining up along their cul-de-sac to stop parents parking there.

They said parents keep ignoring the double yellow lines on the road and also park in the private car park of Burton House, an old people's residential home opposite Latimer Close.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It is time to make a stand. There are a lot of elderly people here and when the cars are all parked here you couldn't even get a car down the road, never mind an ambulance.

"But I'm not just thinking about us. Sooner or later one of the children is going to get run down. We see all the near misses."

The problem has got worse since Easter when building work to the school meant children couldn't leave by a front entrance on to the High Street. Instead they have to spill into Latimer Close.

Another resident who did not want to be named said: "There are at least three free car parks near the school. Parents are just being lazy."

School head Mary Wood said: "We are sending out letters to warn parents they might get a parking ticket. We are also looking for a crossing person to help people across High Street, which might ease the situation."

Police sent out traffic wardens to patrol the road to try to ease the problem.

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