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Article from a local evening newspaper dated Saturday December 30th 1967

Families Flee Blazing Cottages
The damaged cottages after the Bakehouse Lane fire.
The damaged cottages

Residents of a row of cottages in Bakehouse Lane, Burton Latimer, fled from their homes for safety last night when fire broke out in two empty cottages. While firemen fought the blaze, which caused severe damage to the two houses, neighbours gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Blowfield nearby. It was Mr. Blowfield who discovered the fire; he was awakened soon after 3.30 a.m. by the sounds of wood crackling and slates falling.  He went outside to investigate and found that 19 and 21 Bakehouse Lane were ablaze. He said: "My first thought was for my neighbours, sleeping in the houses next door to the burning cottages. I knocked them up and then ran to the telephone box to call the fire brigade.

Mr. Bill Ackerley.
Mr. Bill Ackerley
Burton Latimer firemen soon had the fire under control, but stood by until this morning.  The roof and the first floor of 19 Bakehouse Lane were completely destroyed and part of the roof and the interior of number 21 were badly damaged.  Mr. Bill Ackerley, whose home at 17 Bakehouse Lane was separated from the fire by only a narrow passageway, was still recovering from shock today. Firemen sprayed his cottage with water to reduce the risk of the blaze spreading.  Mr. Ackerley, a widower who lives alone, said that he was not aware of the fire until he was wakened by neighbours. "It was a rare old blaze, but luckily the firemen were very good and managed to get it under control," he commented.

The cottages, which have been empty for more than a year, are eventually due for demolition. The cause of the fire is not yet known. It is believed that the contents of one of the cottages may have been smouldering for some days before breaking out.

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