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Newspaper article from the Kettering Evening Telegraph 23 June 2007 transcribed by Margaret Craddock

Nurse Margaret Atkinson

Margaret Atkinson at work holding a baby Margaret Atkinson as County Ladies Bowls President 1984
At work 1960
As County Ladies Bowls President 1984

Tribute to a Fine Nurse

Burton Latimer is paying tribute to Nurse Margaret Atkinson, who died last Saturday at her native home in Fleetwood, Lancashire, at the age of 97.

Margaret was born in 1910, and was the only daughter in a family of five children.  Her four brothers were fishermen.

Her passion for nursing started as a young girl, when she joined the St John’s Ambulance.  She then went on to do her training at Stepping Hill Hospital in Liverpool, and became a Queen’s Nurse, specialising in midwifery.

She then came to Corby, as a midwife, where together with her nursing colleague, Gladys Punyer, she not only delivered many babies, but also held clinics for expectant mothers and their babies.

In 1956, Margaret and Gladys came to Burton Latimer, and continued with their maternity work from a newly built house with surgery in Pioneer Avenue.

Gladys became the area midwife, and Margaret was midwife, district nurse and health visitor.  Together, Margaret and Gladys delivered 2,000 babies during their working lives.  Margaret set up the welfare clinic in the town, and worked alongside Doctors Kingsley and Padget.

Margaret enjoyed life to the full.  She became involved in the life of the town, and became a member of the women’s section of the British Legion, and also the town’s bowls club, where she excelled.

She was ladies singles champion from 1973 to 1980, and became ladies captain in 1975.  She played to county standard, and became the county president in 1984.

She attended Burton Latimer Methodist Church, and thoroughly enjoyed modern worship.

She gave talks to many organisations about her experiences, and with her keen sense of humour, always had a funny story to tell.

She welcomed people into her home, and was always ready with words of encouragement and friendship.

She loved to travel, and went to New Zealand on her own when she was in her 80s, and went on a world cruise when she was 90.

She enjoyed line dancing, and was still dancing at 90 years old.  To celebrate her 90th birthday, a ‘This is Your Life’ party was organised at the Community Centgre, and Margaret was presented with the red book.  She was presented with a certificate from the council chairman in recognition of her services to the town.

Margaret left Burton in 2005 and returned to her beloved Fleetwood, and lived with her niece.  She died peacefully on June 16, 2007.  Margaret’s funeral will take place on Tuesday at the Trinity Methodist Church in Fleetwood at 1 pm.

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