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Text transcribed from original book by Janet & John Meads

Burton Latimer Fire Brigade
Rules and Regulations

Front cover of Fire Brigade Regulations 1905



1.—This brigade shall be called the BURTON LATIMER FIRE BRIGADE, and shall consist of twelve efficient Members including Officers: the Officers to be Captain, Lieutenant, Engineer, and Secretary.

2.—All members shall be approved of by the Burton Latimer Parish Council.

3.—All articles of uniform and equipment shall be the property of the Burton Latimer Parish Council, and all loss or damage (fair wear and tear excepted) must be paid for.

4.—Every Member shall attend not less than six official drills every year. Ordinary drills shall be held at least once a month, notices of which shall be sent to each Member by the Secretary; and any Member absent from three successive monthly drills (except through illness) shall be suspended and reported to the Parish Council.

5.—A record of the attendance of Members at drills shall be kept, and no Member shall be marked present who is more than fifteen minutes late, except with the special permission of the Officer in charge, and no Member may leave a drill, parade, or fire before dismissal except with the permission of the Officer in charge.

6.—No Member will be recognised at an official drill, parade or fire unless in uniform, which must be well brushed and cleaned, and no Member shall appear in uniform unless on duty, or by permission of the Captain.

7.—Helmets, boots, belts, axes, and lifelines shall be kept at the Fire Station. Other articles of uniform may be taken home, but must be produced for inspection when called in by the Captain.

8.—When in uniform either at drills, at parades, or at fires, all Members of the Brigade are under the command of the Captain (or Officer in charge) whose orders they must carry out promptly and exactly, and on no account take orders from any other person. The Officer in charge shall have power to suspend any Member for any mis-conduct, pending consideration of such case by the Parish Council at next meeting.

9.—Smoking, practical joking, or unseemly conduct or language is strictly forbidden at drills, parades, or fires.

10.—In case of an alarm of fire, every Member of the Brigade shall at once proceed to the Fire Engine Station.

11.—No one but Members of the Brigade, and the driver, shall be allowed to ride on the engine.

12.—On arriving at a fire the Members shall receive instructions from the Officer in charge, and any Member arriving late must at once report himself to such Officer.

13.—The second Officer in attendance at a fire shall take the names of pumpers and helpers, and no one shall be recognized for payment unless his name is entered in the Officer’s book.

14.—The Engineer, or Officer in charge of the engine shall not leave it, but devote his whole time to the working of the same and to signals.

15.—The Members of the Brigade are expected to perform their duties as silently as possible: order, coolness, promptitude, and despatch being indispensable.

16.—All Members attending any fire or drill are expected to clean the engine and hang up clothes, etc., to dry before leaving.

17.—One Member of the Brigade shall be appointed to attend to the Station, Engine, and equipment. He shall be responsible for everything being kept in readiness for a call of fire, and shall be paid 2/- per week.

18.—A charge of £3 shall be made for the use of the Engine when taken out of the Parish, driver and horse hire being charged as per contract, other charges shall be as follows: every Member attending a fire shall receive 2/- for first hour, and 1/- per hour afterwards, any Member responding to a call although he may not actually attend the Fire shall receive 2/- as compensation for loss of time.

19.—Members must inform the Captain of any change of address, and any Member leaving the town for 24 hours or more must give notice to the Captain.

20.—The business of the Brigade shall be conducted by a Committee, appointed by a general meeting, and consisting of the Captain, Lieutenant, Engineer, Secretary, two other Members, and two representatives of the Parish Council.

21.—All rules, alteration of rules, shall be presented to a general meeting of the Brigade, and then submitted to the Parish Council for approval.

22.—An Annual Meeting of the Brigade shall be held in the month of March, when Officers shall be elected and all books and accounts shall be laid before the Brigade for inspection and approval, and a report sent to the Parish Council.

23.—These rules shall be printed and a copy given to each Member of the Brigade.

24.—No private work shall be undertaken by the Brigade without the consent of the Council in writing.

       Approved by Burton Latimer Parish Council Meeting, held on October 16th, 1905.


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