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Albert Prince Kingsley

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph — Sat. November 8, 1986

Death of Town’s Retired Doctor

Dr Albert Kingsley has died at the Burton Latimer home where he held his surgeries for more than 40 years.

Housekeeper and family friend Mrs Fiona Clifton found the body when she called at Orchard (Osborne) House yesterday morning.  The coroner has been informed but there were no suspicious circumstances.

Dr Kingsley, 84, moved to Burton Latimer in 1934, shortly before marrying his wife, Marjorie, who died in 1975.

When he retired in 1972, residents donated to a trust fund as thanks for his many years’ service.  It became the Dr Kingsley Foundation to support medical students living in and near the town.

His retirement was also marked by the St John Ambulance with the presentation of a silver cake basket.  He had been a member for 38 years and the event at the Conservative Club was attended by more than 100 well-wishers.

Mrs Clifton said “Everyone in Burton Latimer who is older than 20 knew Dr Kingsley.  We all knew him as a reserved man who was a real gentleman.”

Dr Kingsley was born in Burma and went to St Edmund’s College, Oxford, in 1922.  He qualified at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, in 1927, where he continued to work for some years.

He leaves three sons — two of whom are doctors — and eight grandchildren.  The funeral takes place at Burton Latimer Parish Church at 1pm on Wednesday, followed by cremation.

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