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Article from local newspaper, September 1979, transcribed by Raylee Burton

“Blackspot” Row

Scene of accident at the A6 junction involving a car and van
The scene after the accident

Residents in plea for road change

Worried residents fear that someone will be killed unless a nearby junction is improved.

People living near the junction of Finedon Road and Higham Road, Burton Latimer, say the blind bend is a black-spot.

Passengers waiting for buses on the bend are at serious risk, they say, and passers-by are in danger.

And an accident in which a new car and a van collided at the A6 junction on Wednesday tea-time has sparked off a new wave of protest.

A new Lada saloon, driven by Mrs Marie Minshell, of Newton Road, Little Irchester, was damaged in the collision.

Mrs. Minshell was taken to Kettering General Hospital where she was treated for neck injuries and allowed home.

The driver of the van, Mr Stephen Woodgate, of Sherwood Drive, Barton Seagrave, was also allowed home after being treated for chest injuries at the hospital.

“They had a lucky escape. Someone will be killed at this junction before any improvements are made,” said Mr David Davies, of Ashwell House, High Street.

“There have been numerous accidents at this junction, which is a notorious black-spot. There have been three serious accidents recently.

“My front wall has been completely demolished and the bus shelter has been hit several times. People waiting for buses and passing pedestrians are at great risk.

“The county council has been considering changing this junction for seven years now. Something must be done before it is too late.”

Mr Warren Austin, of High Street, said: “I dare not park my car outside my house for fear a car will smash into it as it takes the bend.

“It is a very dangerous spot, and most nights you hear the sound of tyres squealing on the tarmac. I think they should build a mini roundabout to lessen the dangers of turning into Finedon Road.”

Another resident, Mr James Hanlon, who also lives in the High Street, said: “There has been an empty house standing on the junction for nine years. If it were demolished, it might improve visibility round the bend. It is a real danger to road users, pedestrians and local residents.”

Later photograph (below) showing difficulty for vehicles negotiating narrow bend at Finedon Road/Higham Road/High Street junction.

Photograph showing difficulty for vehicles negotiating narrow bend at Finedon Road/Higham Road/High Street junction.

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