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Article from local newspaper date 12 April 1978 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Bishop dies after crash

Clergyman Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell – critically injured in a snowstorm car crash – died in Kettering General Hospital last night.

The Rt Rev Graham-Campbell, an Assistant Bishop of Peterborough, suffered extensive head and chest injuries when his car skidded on snowbound road near Burton Latimer on Monday afternoon.

Religious circles today mourned the death of the 75-year-old churchman, known as a brilliant scholar and cleric.

A spokesman for Peterborough Diocese said: “He was a much-loved and respected person. He was a very quiet and humble man, despite his brilliant scholastic record and achievements.

“We are in the process of trying to contact his brother and sister, the only family he had.”

Mr Graham-Campbell, son of a Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, had been at Peterborough since 1965.

Mr. Graham-Campbell was returning to his home in Penfold Drive, Great Billing, after a routine meeting with the Bishop when the accident happened.

His car is believed to have gone out of control and skidded with a van on the A6 at Burton Latimer just short of the High Street junction.

“We have spoken to the driver of the van, but we would like to hear from any other witnesses,” said a police spokesman.

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