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Poor House/Scott's Charity Cottages

Scotts Charity Cottages
Scott's Charity Cottages, Church Street c.1950

Scott's Charity, endowed by Agnes Scott, had been running since the late 1500s. Scott's Charity Cottages were built in about 1848, replacing the ancient Poor House which had stood there for several hundred years.

Rents paid by the tenants of Scott's Charity Cottages paid for the remuneration of the Headmaster of the nearby Old Grammar School which eventually became St Mary's Church School. In the latter half of the last century the charity was merged with other charities that paid for supplying pupils with religious books and apprenticeships, etc., to form the United Educational Foundation, which functions to this day.

In the late 1950s the cottages were demolished to make way for the a development named St Crispin's Close, to provide bungalow accommodation for elderly residents of the town.

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