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Church Restoration Bazaar - 1866
Church restoration 1866
St. Mary's Church tower during restoration in 1864. It was
necessary to hold many fund-raising events before and
after it took place

Fancy Sale advertisement 1866
Advance notice of a fund-raising bazaar at Kettering in the
Northampton Mercury 2nd June 1866

A Bazaar, comprising a choice and elegant arrangement of fancy and decorative productions, has been held, under distinguished patronage, at the Corn Exchange, during the week, in aid of the Church restoration fund, for the parish of Burton Latimer. A most important feature of the bazaar was the attraction caused by the display of Grover and Baker’s sewing machine, exhibited by Mr. Joseph Rains of Kettering, an expert and intelligent young lady working them, and bringing out all their capabilities with surprising ease and adroitness. The embroidery stitch, which was greatly admired by the fair visitors, is peculiar to the Grover and Baker machine.

Northampton Mercury 16 June 1866

Grover & Baker was an American company, pioneers in the sewing machine trade that had a British factory in Glasgow. Their company's products were promoted by local agents through demonstrations such as the one reported above.

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