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John Meads - 2011
Charity Lands in Burton Latimer

Like several of Burton Latimer's charities which benefitted from income from lands and properties in other parishes, there were lands and properties in Burton Latimer that contributed to charities and institutions in other towns and villages. Charities in other towns and villages also paid Burton Latimer tradesmen to take on apprentices.

These are some of those charities and institutions:

Herbert's Charity

"Daniel Herbert, by his will dated 9 Nov. 1696, gave £10 per annum, charged upon his farm at Burton Latimer, for the purpose of apprenticing poor boys resident in the Borough of Northampton. By an order of the Charity Commissioners dated 6 July 1906 it was determined that the sums of £400 and £40 Consols with the Official Trustees should be set aside to form the endowments of the above mentioned charities. The income, amounting to £10 and £1 respectively, is applied by the trustees".

At the time of the 1804 Enclosure, Herbert’s Charity owned several large areas of land in Burton Latimer, stretching from both sides of Finedon Road through to Higham Road; near the parish boundary with Finedon and also in the centre of the village west of The Cross.

Latham's Hospital, Oundle

From 1614 until at least 1867, when a sale of land took place, Latham’s Hospital, Oundle, owned “a Messuage or Farm House, Yard, Hovels, Barns, and Out–buildings, fronting the Street in Burton Latimer. At the rear is a capital piece of Sward Land, containing One Acre or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Messrs. Wallis. The Messuage and buildings are in tenantable repair.” (Lot: 1 in the sale) The buildings were situated on the corner of Station Road and Kettering Road, roughly the site of Latimer Equipment, and Coronation Villas, the row of houses fronting Kettering Road.

From the same sale document we know that Latham’s Hospital also owned two arable and two grass closes, totalling 31 acres, which were situated west of Bridle Road  (named on the sale plan) and south of Station Road (not named on the plan). This land was Lot 4 in the sale and was also in the occupation of Messrs. J. & T. Wallis, who owned Burton Latimer Mills.

The sale particulars state: “Lot1 and about 26 acres in Lot 4  are in the LEASEHOLD tenure of 1,000 years, and 1,000 years held under two Leases commencing in the year 1614, subject to perpetual charges of £8 6s. 8d. per annum, payable to Latham’s Hospital, Oundle.”

Wellingborough School
Owned 9 acres of land in Cranford Road south of the main road from Kettering to Cranford.

These are some of the apprenticeships to Burton Latimer tradesmen:

Courteenhall Charity

22  November l856: Sam. Papworth to Moses Irons Eady of Burton Latimer,  miller, for a period of 3 years.

Lamport  Charity

1 July1864: David Bamford to Geo. Simpson of Burton  Latimer, carpenter and joiner, till  the age of 21

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