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Article from Evening Telegraph in January 1973 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Sixteen charities share £200

The Burton Latimer Festival last year raised more than £200 for local charities, it was revealed at this week’s Council meeting.

The money, raised by various events between May and December, is to be distributed between 16 organisations in the town.

The most successful events were the chrysanthemum and dahlia show which raised £49.86, and the historical exhibition which raised £37.75.

The flower festival held by Burton Latimer Baptist Church brought in £22.28, while proceeds from a concert by the united choirs and Rushden Temperance Band were £18.91.

Chairman of the council Mr. Douglas Ashby, said the total available for distribution £212.44 was a very commendable figure. “It was quite an interesting period,” said Mr. Ashby, who is vice-president of the festival committee, “and the money has been fairly apportioned.”

They are as follows: Burton Latimer Children’s and Youth Council and WRVS Transport Service (£30 each); Luncheon Club for the Elderly (£25); Darby and Joan Club, Preston Hall Youth Club (£20 each ); St. John Ambulance (£12.44).

Burton Latimer Scout Group, Guide Company, Brownie Pack, Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade (£10 each); WRVS Meals on Wheels Service, Blind Committee, Dr. Barnardo’s Helpers’ League, NSPCC, and National Children’s Home (£5 each).

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