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Article from Kettering Leader and Guardian, Friday May 12 1950, transcribed by Sally Crane
Baptist Church Bazaar 1950

Target is £300

Before a bazaar at Burton Latimer Baptist Church Assembly Room was opened yesterday, nearly £70 of the £300 target set by the Finance Committee had already been raised.

“I believe that we shall exceed our target, and have anticipated this by arranging for a thanksgiving service on Sunday evening” the minister (the Rev. V. F. Smither) told a large gathering.

Recently the Finance Committee enabled a £100 boiler to be installed in the manse.  The money raised yesterday and at a special children’s day to-morrow will be used to provide lavatories and kitchen accommodation in the lower schoolroom.

Mr Smither stated that already gifts amounting to 18 guineas had been received and £50 worth of vouchers sold.

“This church has weathered the storm of 200 years.  In fair weather and foul it has always kept the light of the Gospel burning” said the chairman, Mr. G.E. Gilbert, formerly of Burton Latimer, and now of Leicester. “Whatever this church has set its mind on it has reached and exceeded” he added.

The bazaar, which was dominated from the stage by a Maypole plaited with coloured crepe paper by members of the Infant School, was opened by Mrs. E. K .Coles, of Kettering, who received a bouquet from Master John Mills.  Mrs Coles was thanked by Mrs. F. Dickens.

Among the many visitors to the bazaar was the Rector (the Rev. R.W. Sharpley).


White elephant:  Mrs E Langley,  Mrs W Tailby and Mrs E Shrive (choir)

Household Mrs A Mason, Mrs S T Read, Mrs V F Smither (Women’s Own)

Needlework:  Mrs E Streather, Mrs A Panter and Mrs T Dickens (Ladies Bible Class).

Handkerchiefs:  Miss F M Summerfield, Miss M Sturgess and Mrs E Neville (Girls Friendly)

Cakes:  Mrs G Grainger, Mrs J Buckby and Mrs B West (Congregation

Flowers:  Mrs W Stokes and Mrs G A Freestone (Decorating Committee)

Stationery:  Mrs A Jakes, Mr W G Neville and Mrs H Taylor (Sunday School)

Mischellaneous:  Mrs E Baish,  Mrs L Richards and Master P Clipson (Boys Brigade)

Bran Tub:  Junior Bible Class

Refreshments: Ladies Committee

Weighing Machine: Mens Fireside

Duets were sung by Mrs R Thorne and Mrs T Rowe and in the evening there was a concert with Mrs Harold Garlick (contralto), Miss Marjorie Perkins (elocutionist)) Miss Pauline Goodman and Miss Greta Billington (pianoforte duettists), Miss Marguerite Lindsay (elocutionist), and Mr Tom White (concertina)

Saturday’s programme will be entirely in the hands of youngsters.  It will be opened by Miss Shirley Botfield with Master Brian Freestone

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