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Article from local paper dated 1975 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Adding a Touch of Royal Charm
Princesss Alice is shown around the Burton
Latimer Church School by Mrs Eileen Waddington
and the Rev Edward Pitt

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, gave royal charm to an exhibition illustrating the life of Burton Latimer over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon she toured display stands, showing the talents and pastimes of the townspeople.

There were 25 stands, six representing Burton Latimer industry, and others showing hobbies such as lace-making and oil-painting, and needlework.

Princess Alice has an historic link with the town, for a member of the Montagu family was rector of the town centuries ago. His name was Thomas Montagu and he was rector from 1676 to 1718. He was the grandson of the first Earl of Manchester.

Funds raised from the Community Weekend are going towards the parish church, which needs urgent repair. Tonight the Corby Beanfield School Band is giving a concert in the church.

Mr Douglas Ashby, one of the organizers, said: “The Princess seemed very pleased to see so much talent in the parish, and I think she was very impressed. Certainly the weekend was a great success and the public turned out in large numbers.”

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