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Transcribed by Sally Crane from a cutting dated April 1961

Tailby Bros are keeping up the family tradition

Photograph of Alf and Harry Tailby singing in the church choir
Alf and Harry Tailby

Long service records with choirs seem to run in the Tailby family of Burton Latimer.

Two members – Alfred and Harry twins – have just completed fifty years as Parish Church choristers.

Their father, the late Mr. H. Tailby, was a member of the Mission Church choir for 61 years, and their elder brother, Frank was a member of the Parish Church choir for 53 years.  He has now retired.

Alfred, who lives at 19 Newman Street, joined the choir with his twin brother, Harry, of 188 High Street in 1911 when they were 9½ years old.

The family has sung at the church and Mission Room under several Rectors, including the Revs. W. B. Jacques, G. L. Richardson, L. H Leithbridge, H. T. A. Edwards and R. W. Sharpley, the present Rector.  In the twins fifty years at the church there have been three organists. Mr. A. Clarke, Mr. A. Stokes and Mr. A. T. Miller, who is the present organist and choirmaster.

“When we joined there were about twenty boys and 18 men – now there are about 16 boys and only ten men” said Alfred.   “But I think the choir is as good now as it used to be”.

Burton Latimer Parish Church is one of the few churches nowadays that have no women in the choir.  “Both my brother and I prefer a male choir for church work” said Alfred.

The twins were instrumental in forming the Home Guard carol party that collected over £100 for the Red Cross during the late war.  They were also members of the Kettering Gleemen and the Burton Choral Society - both societies now disbanded.  Another group of which they were members, the Burton Male Voice Choir is being reformed and the twins are thinking of rejoining it.

They are also members of Burton Tennis Club, the Kettering Lakeview Tennis Club and Burton Latimer Conservative Club.

The twins must have at least 14 years more service with the choir before they can compete with its oldest member, Mr.W.J. Downing, who is now well over seventy, is in his 64th year with the choir.

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