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Article from local newspapaer dated June 1976 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Soh-fah-so good!

Photograph of Tailby Twins

Alf and Harry Tailby, the singing twins of Burton Latimer, have hit a high note in their musical careers.

They have notched up 65 years with the parish church choir, which they joined in 1911 at the age of 10.

Although the twins (above) celebrate their 75th birthday on June 16th, they have no immediate plans to cut down on their singing activities. “The choir is a part of our lives and we would miss it if we gave it up. We hope to keep on as long as our health and voices allow,” they said.

Alf, of 9 Ensleigh Close, and Harry, of 188 High Street – who both worked for the same Burton Latimer firm for 55 years – clearly recall the early days of the choir.

At Lent time they attended special evening services . . . and were each rewarded with the princely sum of one farthing per night.

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