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Burton Latimer
 6th May 1639


I continue my thanckes for your kindnes to Mr. Birde and shall indeavor to get him qualified if I can. The case indeede is altered, If all Wards Liveings be in his Gr.?, and perhaps the Certificate which is in the Esqs hands, concerning Mr. Birds being at the Isle of Rhes may be usefull to that purpose for which favor we shall be thanckefull.

I alsoe thancke you for being carefull of the Noates concerning Mr. Crewe, which care I pray you continue as you see occasion, As concerning Mr. Marston, although he hath done me some injurie, yet I am not willing to purchase revenge or Satisfacion soe deare as to enter into a suite about it, least I light upon another Robinson, for soe I conceive this man to be set up upon purpose to provoke me, for discovery where of I related his presumption, and some passages of Mr. Crewe and his ffather to have brought him in to have bene our Brackley Sole Lecturer; If the misdemeanors of which I sent Noates, and can make out many moe of the like perticulers be not such an offence against the Church government as shalbe thought worthie to be taken notice of ex officio, I can passe by the  abuses done to my perticuler with graviora tuli; by which I have learned Ipernere me sperni, and desire not to spend too much money, except I be forced to it, me defendend  and therefore I must submit that to your love.

As for Mr. Trewe, I could doe noe leser then wright at his importunity, and indeede I could wish that he were provided from me, but not to your dislike, and therefore likewise leave that to your pleasure;

There is one Mr. Seyer Curate of St. Giles who hearing of Mr. Trewes Journey and presumeing that he should speede, came over to me with very good certificate from Doctor Brunckard desireing to succeede Mr. Trewe in my cure at Brackley, of whom might you please to tacke some charitable care, by recomending him either to Mr. Thorne, or to him upon whom you conferr St. Giles if he happen to be a  double Beneficed man, I thincke you might doe a  double kindnes, by furnishing both a Vicar and a Curate and a worke acceptable to God, by setleing a needy, (but as is certified) a very honest man, which I likewise submit to your pleasure, subis est propere miseram ant misericardem.

Concerning Richard Lucas his letter from Virginia I will give an accompt soe soone as I can speake with his mother, The Constable is heere and my Certificate will be according to the inclosed copie, what other folckes will doe I know not but I believe, indifferent well, if they doe right. As for Mr. Coles he acknowledgeth soe much as concernes his part, etc.

I am glad that Sir Roland St. John is not within compasie of the order, for I would be very loth to be made any witness concerning him, You know a Pious, Wife, and Valiant man who was forced to give way whilst the Sonns of Zeriuah were too strong for him, and I hope I shall not be condemned although I desier a little to decline too much powerfull enuie, I know I have and shall have, more then I deserve, I pray God, not more then I can beare; I am likewis glad that the Lord Vaux or some of his will undertake the watch on the steeple etc. for indeede it was reported, and I believe that it looked towards them, and therefore they are fitest to looke to it.

The rest of your directions I will persue, soe farr as I can finde discovery, And soe with my prayers for yourselfe, and Cozen Barbara, I rest,

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe


I did wright this morning by Mr. Ekins, wherein I desired you to retourne me the letter directed to the Constable and inclosed in Cosen Rob: Ayletts letter by your next, which I againe beseech you to remember for now he needs it not, and I would not have it happen into any other hands; Mr. Coster, who is now become the bearer hereof, implores the continuance of your favor towards him, and soe doe I on his behalfe; or else he is like to be oppressed by

Popularity, many purses, and understand *ade freinds, which I trust you will prevent.

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