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April 19th 1639

Our carryer from Burton came not this weeke, els had you received the inclosed sooner, but since the wrighting thereof, one Mr. Carter a Purseuant came to my howse, as directed by Mr. Kilvert (yet had he noe letters) to inquire for Mr. Bacon to whom I was not apt to be very open, for I know such men will doe service for their owne gaine as well as for the cause sake, and therefore after some complement; suche as he could make noe great tales out of I left him to goe to Longe Buckby where Mr. Bacon was I not being willing to give him oppotunity to tell or Mr.Bacon to report, that I was in any practise against him, as indeede I was not, I did only wright the occurrents about the Constable, and it see* wiser then I made the Construction, (and I beleive aright) and soe farr, I hear Mr. Kilvert will cleare me if occasion be, of discourse betwixt them; I beseech you alsoe let him understand how Plowright gave 10li to one James Basford of Burton to serve as a Soldier in his sted; and yet was faine to goe to Selby neere Yorke, to get him accepted and himselfe dismissed which I desire he should the rather understand, to the ende that if the Constable should ** retourned before Mr. Secretary Cooke inquire for him, I may not be thought to have written an untrueth, nor to have made much adoe about little or nothing, which *** Sqe may have oppertunity to clears if he finde occasion.
Soe with my prayers I rest.
At your service
Rob: Sybthorpe

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