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July 4th 1639


I received your letter concerning Baker of Irtlingborrow and thancke you for your directions therein, But I had done nothing in it nor meane to doe, Only he came to me and shewed me some noates, (as he petitioned you) and I perswaded both parties to peace or else  tolde them I would reserve it for the Bishop at the visitacion at which time I may perhaps acquaint him with it, and that is all the intermedleing which I intend. I received  alsoe the inclosed with the Newes of Peace which wee heare on every side, and I am hartily glad of, and pray God it may holde and that noe strange children may dissemble amongst them; for I fear the Jesuites on that side, till I see all consummated, and his Majestie retourne in safety, which I shall not cease day nor night to pray for with my soule; In the meane time I pray you send me word whether we shall not proceede to use the Prayer in our Churches directed for this Northeren Expedicion, untill all be ended, and his Majestie retourned to stay amongst us, or at least untill we shall have a Countermaund by Authority, for I would not neglect that excellent Prayer upon Rumor nor would I be suspected of supporting jealousies (whatsoever my owne feares are) by praying in the time of pretended peace

Soe with my harty prayers for your selfe and our Cozen, with my wifes love and our best wishes to and for you both, I rest,

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe.

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