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June 17th 1639


Although I have prayed pretty well for doeing Sevice of late, and gotten enymies enow, yet out of my zeale to his Majestys safety  and the successe of the cause in hand, I cannot but holde it my Duty to Certefie you; (But I hope it shall not be made a Publique Certificate agane; howsoever you may privately acquainte whom you please with the Contents) That very many of the soldiers which were pressed out of these parts are retourned, and (as it is supposed) caime away out of  his Majesties Service after such time as they have received much pay; before they come  to doe any service, Amongst whom are all the three which were pressed out of our Towne, for whom I have sent Warrant (for the two Constables heere would not acquaint the Deputy Leuietennants, as the other would have done) There is alsoe retourned one who was pressed from Irthingborrow one who was pressed from Irchester, one who was pressed from Isham one from Orlingbury, one from Hanington, one or two who were pressed from Kettering; of which one (vizt. Pynder) brought back his Coate, and (as is reported,) solde his Arms by the way, yet is there noe Inquisicion after them, nor thought worthie taking notice of (unles my example awake others,) whether they be lawfully discharged or not, And divers others there be in many adjoynong townes, in the like case, And ****** case it is me thinckes, that his Majesty being in person present and in soe great a hazard, he should be soe hazarded by the disertion of those who should defend him abroard, and the inquirie into it be neglected at home, But I complaine not : I only give this intimacion, that those of wisdome and power may understand, and if they please direct forwarning in the future if not for punishing in the present, (if you thincke fitt, to acquainte any with it) and I pray God set his heavenly Angells for a guard about his Majesty's sacred person, and send him more frigthfull earthly attendants then I feare some of these have bene: And protect his true hearted Servants that they suffer not with their Master if such as these be suffered.

And with such prayers I rest, 

At your service

Robt. Sybthorpe.

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