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Burton Latimer
June 7th 1639


Your letter to Cozen Hill is sent accordingly; If the Constable be not released, I beleive this bearer will lend him 20 nobles (if it cannot be taken off) rather then he shall lye longer for them to practise further upon him, by hunting after Debts and occasions of Actions as it is reported they doe. As concerning Mr. Cranford I know that he did refuse the contribucion etc. and (except Mr. Castle) was most averse to it, whether he hath submitted since or noe I know not, But I veryly believe that he is one of the  feircest inward Inconformitants who professeth Con- formity on that side of the Countrey and I am sure that at his afternoones Sermons, (which are usuall) his church is filled with factious followers, from Longbuckby, Heyford, Weeden beck, Dodford, and some from Norton doe Mr. Warde what he can, yea and Doctor Roan and I did see some there from Daventry, when we were on that side about the Comission at Patishall, and he is gratious with all the greatest faulters of that side. Now out of these premisses, conclude you what you please only give me leave to adde That this is not  the first time that he hath pretended Suites for Tythes, to worke his owne other endes, and once deluded divers conformable Ministers, to subscibe a Certificate for his  conformity which he hath seldome or never practised since. Mr. Price is reputed of the same stampe,holdeth his Vicarage and his Parishioners, Mr. Barton is still angry but I believe will doe nothing but taulke, except the other be taken to doe ex officio, and then perhaps he would witnes, and bring in Witnesses enough; Your Disorders there I believe, els we should not have soe many  heere, nor would the Peticion of Welling; fly up and downe to draw men backe againe, who were come to the Cancelling, as it doth, God amend it in his due time, and grant his Majestie an honorable, and the Church a Religious Peace;

Other things I have written of in my former, In one of which I sent a Copie of Bradway Mens Certificate to cleare the Goddards from being Rouges which I hope you will remember in due season; in the last I sent a letter of Mr. Birds, who was then and is now at Burton, whom I doubt not but you are mindefull of, and if you have found that Instrument and please to send it by this bearer, I will get that part of the busines perfected with the Bishop when we meete at the Comission which I mencioned; If you please alsoe to retourne that Abreviated Certificate which I sent you, but now is useless, he wil bring itsafely. Soe with my Prayers I rest.

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe


Mr. Hill of Tichmarsh. Another who denyed contribucion, (at least for  a time ,) preached upon Tewsday last 2 or 3 howers together, at his owne Church, and divers thereabouts, and out of Huntingtonshire and Bedfordshire came to heare him. Mr. Cawdrey of Billing, A Third, who denyed as Mr. Hill did etc. preached at Kettering upon Tewsday likewise and many from Northampton, Billing, Ecton, and Newport in Buckinghamshire, besides Townes adjoyning came to heare him, who extended his sermon 2 or 3 howers; as the other did. The Common Subject of both these mens preachings use to be, The Corruptions of the times especially of the Clergie. The dangerousnes of the times etc. with exhortacions to prepare and arme our selves against them etc.


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