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Burton Latimer
June 3rd 1639


I received your letters dated May 30 by Rothwell Carryer, wherein I understand of your late receipt of mine dated May 23rd with inclosed, whereas I had well hoped that you had not only received that before, but alsoe another by that time which I sent May 27. In both which as in this, I implore your aide for that poore man, concerning whom I conceive some hopes, because you wright that you hoped that he would be out on the morrow. I pray God it be soe for heere is mighty tryumph, and threats to keepe him still and braggs that if it had not bene for one man they had gotten me sent for by a Purseuant, but I know of nothing that I had done to deserve it, and I hope God will preserve me from their mallice. As for the Knight, I delt like him that puts in his hatt upon a pole before himselfe appeare to his shrewd wife. I sent a letter to him the copie whereof I send you inclosed, and in that I sent the Copie of my Certificate to the Lords, and their Order whereupon it was grounded. And these I sent by one who professeth great respect to me, and soe doth the Knight to him, and I furnished him to speake to the point. But I finde that he beares high and at distance, (Although not breacking out into high words) insoemuch that he will condiscend to noe meeting, except it be at some moneth's meeting, and then he would see the Copie of that which I sent to Mr. Kilvert, (for to him he heares I did send) wherein is such a doe about the English Puritans, and the Scottish Puritans, and perhaps he may be ment to be one of them, and I know not what. But that course I intend not to take if It be safe from his sight otherwise, he shall not see it for me, If he will be soe confident upon conjectures, and reports, (as he sayth he only heard of it) I must be patient, till time will allay that spleene, and indeede I am like to be a Patient, for how smooth soever his words are I perceive there are Swords at the heart, and not only all his fellow Deputies or most of them, take themselves interested in the hazard, and all the Bretheren of the Justices, account it as looking towards the Common cause, but as I am tolde a Neighbour Lord, your olde good friend is ready Consilio et Auxilio; as partly appeared at such time as the young Gent of Thingdon was called Cozen by a great one, and the Knight was with him the morrow after his retourne and as I heare (but that is private) I must looke if any quarrill can be picked at shewing my Horse to be sent up, or else to have some other good tourne waited that they may not seeme to receive a scarre unrequited nor any man escape them, who comes but within compas of suspition for occasioning it; Gods will be done, who I hope will defend me, for I intend not to creepe, nor would that availe if I should, but only cause them to insult the more. My most misery is, that I am in the midst of them, were I but halfe as remote as you I would care as little as who cares least, and now as little as I can, but I cannot be without some nor can I but wish, that some private passages, had not bene made soe publique, but hoc dys? negatumest, factum ut infectum else queat, I assure my selfe it was done in a good intent, if the event fayled at this time, it may be recompenced at some other and soe to God and friends I leave it, and submit my selfe and fortunes, hopeing and praying for better then now happened; Mr. Birde is now at Burton, whom I have acquainted with your kindnes and good intentions towards him, and with our Bishops propensity to promote him in that way which may make him capeable of more, for which he professeth very thanckefull and sayth that he will have such care of his carryage, as that it shalbe corrispondent to that Credit which is conferred upon him, and he will steere his course soe as the world shall see that he will be worthily capeable of what you pease to conferr further at your best convenience and we may believe his wife and him, he is turned mighty husband, and indeede Cozen Hill sayth that he found him at his Booke and conceiveth that he is become a good husband, and I am sure the Neighbours give him a good report, which is none of the worst signes to ground our hopes upon. I pray God that speech of peace proove reall, for otherwise I and such as I am (that I may not say you) must expect little peace or but a little while. If Bellum Episcopale, as they say some stile it, be not ended and Rebellio Puritanica, for soe I know it may be truely stiled, be not subdued, from which Good Lord deliver us, And soe continueing my Prayers for your selfe and Cozen Barbara, I rest.

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe


If some things were in the Knights relacion to the Lorde which he who carryed my letter sayth he shewed him in his wrighting, I know, and could prove the contrary, but that is too late now, and his credit was greater then the others then, etc. which was the thing I always doubted els I believe the thing it selfe would have borne water,

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