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Transcribed by Janet Meads 2008
Burton Latimer 
April 12th 1639


To begin as you doe with ffoxe, I send you inclosed the Informacion of one Augustine Harpers I formerly sent you the informacion of Henry Helmet (whom ffoxe taketh for a Recusant) and I thincke I sent you the informacion of Avery Alleyn, and John Nunns, as alsoe ffoxe his owne examinacion,or if any of these be wanting, may it please you to give me notice, and I will send whatsoever be soe wanting, together with William Lynnets, and perhaps some others by the next.

As for Plowright, the day when the Purseuant gave warninge for the Starrchamber hearing to be May 10th was March 30th The day when Plowright was Pressed was April 4., at which he was soe affrighted (finding noe meanes to get off heere,) that he hath given 10li for one to serve in his roome, and yet is gone downe to Selby neere Yorke to the Randevous to see the other delivered, and to get himselfe safely off, which trouble and charge  his adversaries much rejoyce at, but I hope if he get off (as I doubt not but by the good meanes which you wright of, he shall) it may be soe considered at the heareing, as that his adversaries may beare his charges of who was the Leiutennant Deputy who appeared most against him I shall leave to himselfe to relate, as alsoe upon whom his opposites now begin to put it, and to excuse themselves for it seemes they feare that the plot will not holde according  as it was projected; As for our men who watch for feare of Papists or the like, I will not tell you that Sir Roland St. John is one, because he tolde it to me himselfe, and I will not willingly be made the author of any accusacion against him, you know what and how long, I have suffered, for telling trueth heretofore But I dare say that Mr. Sawyer is one, who causeth Ketteringe to be gardeth with eight warders and watchmen day and night whereas one or two, and those only in the day served that Towne before, and himselfe upon the Sunday comes to the Church attended with halfe a dosen men with Swords by their sides, and Pistalls under their Cloakes or Coates besides his three Rapier Staves for himselfe, and some of the better rancke, and the Clarkes Sonne watcheth upon the Battlements (together with some others,) and upon Sunday last or Sunday was Seavenight discovered 3 or 4 horsemen  coming towards the Towne, who indeede were for Yorke and came downe, gave the Alaram, and the watch ceased them, and as it is sayd had them to the Justice who upon examinacion, found them only fitt messengers to carry him letters to some of his acquaintance, yet this hath made soe great a noise in the Country, that Kettering ffaire was but a little one (which useth to be great) upon Maundy Thursday people feareing (as it is sayd) to be surprised in that Towne; which is soe frayd of it selfe, and makes those of their forward-nes in profession afraide elsewhere, I pray God take away all cause and remove all causes us feare; And I pray you let not me be made the author of this Relacion, there being witnesses enow to be had in Kettering to testifie the trueth of it, if it is of any consequence and the Country being full of the rumor, Soe praying for your and Cozen Barbaras health, I was taking my leave, but now I remember a thing or two more, I together with Mr. Jones of Wellingborrow, Mr. Coles of Thingdon, Mr. Waters of Dodington, and Mr. Mason of Irchester, have bene downe at Peterborrough, where the Lord Bishop used us very kindly hath incouraged and admonished them to keepe their station within the cancelling at the Communion (and I beseech you if occasion be confirme him in that way) and proffessean resolucion for conformity and that he will not receave the 400 or 500li which the bretheren have provided to send him (for soe I heare for certaine) but will rather depend upon the love of his Conformable Clergie, and soe continue the love of his greater freinds, amongst whom he seemes to number you with good respect, and as for the Clergie List he sayeth, as you wright, that he will take a time to have the Company of some of us, and to set all right by a new List.

We heare, though you wright not, that our Chancellor is Judge of the Audience upon Sir Charles Cesars removeall to the Roles (which some had designed and we wished for you) and I partly beleive it because the Bishop shewed me a letter of his owne to that purpose,

If you please to impart any other newes I shall thancke you, and pray that it may be good, And soe with my  prayers as before I rest,

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe.

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