Revd. Ronald Sharpley
At Cropredy

A young Ronald Williamson Sharpley
A young Ronald Williamson Sharpley

The Revd. Ronald W. Sharpley came to Burton Latimer from Cropredy, Oxfordshire. The following is an extract from an interview that was later included in a history of the village:

“At the vicarage to the right of the porch was the room where the Revd Sharpley taught them for confirmation. In April 1935 the Bishop of Oxford came and confirmed them, so Sharpley was still here then, because he signed my confirmation book. He went to Burton Latimer, near Kettering, Northamptonshire. Did you say you found the date? 1937. Yes. He swapped pulpits with Revd Edwards and he was a different chap altogether.

Revd Sharpley was a bachelor. Good chap. Well I don’t know how to describe the fellow really, a bit on the silly side, wasn’t he? Never grown up. Very nice chap to get on with, but a lot of ladies after him. Bachelor! Grand looking. Oh ah a nice looking bloke. If he took a liking to you he’d treat you all right. He took me one Saturday afternoon down to Leamington; he took me to the Cadena. Yes. And after that to the Picture House in the main street. Oh dear yes. Had a big organ there anyway. He got a nice Singer car, Sharpley had. Well, he left and went to Burton Latimer and after that we had Edwards”.

Note: 'The Cadena' was the popular Leamington Cadena Cafe and the 'Picture House with the big organ' was the Regal Cinema.