Sir Richard Threpland: 1524-1552

Clerk. Rector of Stowe 20 Feb 1511/12 Rector of Church Brampton 7 Feb 1515/6 to 19 Mar 1523/4 Rector of Burton Latimer (as Thropland) 19 March 1523/4 to 1552 oc. 1526 as Thriplond. (Reference “Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy from 1500” (1938-43) by Henry Isham Longden)

In 1538, during Humphrey Thropland’s incumbency at Burton Latimer and during the reign of Henry VIII, a mandate was formulated by Thomas Cromwell instructing every parish to purchase a coffer. The minister was to enter in a book every marriage, christening and burial at which he officiated and the entries to be made after the service on Sunday with a churchwarden as witness. This book was then to be kept in the parish chest. A book for this purpose does not seem to have been purchased at this time but the names of the persons whose marriages, baptisms and burials were celebrated were written on sheets of parchment and later stitched together in a long roll. This roll continues from 1538-1561 and still survives and has been deposited at the Northamptonshire County Record Office. Most of the early entries seem to have been recorded, not by the minister, but by the curate Mr. Alexander, and witnessed by the churchwardens, Wm. Sherley and Thomas Olde.