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Extract from Hull Daily Mail, Thursday 15 December 1892
The Burton Latimer Rectory

To show you in what danger we are in I cull the following extract from the Churchman's Monthly Magazine, vol 5, page 182, for 1851, which is 41 years since, viz:-

“About 10 years since a poor pedlar called at the back door of the clergyman of the parish of Burton Latimer, in Northamptonshire. After having offered his goods for sale, he presented a tract to one of the servants accompanying it with some good advice to the effect that we ought to be thinking of our souls, and preparing for another world, etc.

The servant took the tract into the kitchen, and began to read it, but she had not read far before it struck her that the doctrines treated of were such as she had never before heard. So, very properly, she took it to her master to show it to him, telling him how she came by it. Her master, having glanced his eyes over it, soon discovered that it was a tract on Romish doctrines, and that its object was to draw the unwary into the meshes of Popery. He therefore told her the next time the man called to let him know.

In the course of a short time the pedlar again appeared at the door, upon which the servant acquainted her master. The clergyman accosted him by showing him the tract, and asking him whether he had not left that with one of his servants. Upon the pedlar saying that he had done so, the clergyman began to point out to him the dangerous errors which the tract contained; when to his astonishment the pedlar replied to his arguments with such power and ability, that he felt convinced that he was a man of learning, and something more than a common pedlar. He therefore looked at him steadfastly in the face, and said, 'You are a Roman Catholic Priest;' To this the pretended pedlar replied, 'That is more than you can tell,' etc”

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