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Article from Northants Mercury 21 December 1906

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday, there being present: Mr C Barlow CC (chairman), Mr J A Wallis (vice-chairman), Mr S Maycock, Mr A J Ball, Mr W W Attfield, Mr J H Ward, Mr J Westley, Mr A T Tailby, Mr C Stokes, Mr J Barratt, Mr T Ambler and Mr F W Stokes.

Mr Barratt asked whether it was a fact that the Church party had arranged their old folks' treat on the same date as that arranged by the Parish Committee.

The Chairman said he was sorry to know that such was the case. He thought he had been treated rather badly, because only a few years ago, when they had one of these old folks' treats in the parish, he was asked by those who now proposed a change to make it a parochial matter. He was sorry that at the end of two or three years this sort of spirit had again cropped up. He regretted, at this season of the year, when the old people could meet together in a friendly way, irrespective of creed, that this sectarian spirit should have arisen. For the past three years a certain number of parishioners had decided to have nothing to do with the parochial treat, but to have one on their own. The only suggestion for this course was that there was no room in the parish large enough for a parish gathering. He desired to see the parochial treat a pleasant event of the year, and he should like to see it go down as a parochial matter. If they had two old folks' treats on the same night it was dividing the parish into two camps, and making it a church and chapel affair. (Hear, hear).

Mr Wallis proposed that the committee responsible for arranging the parochial treat be recommeneded to alter the date. When the old folks met at the Assembly-room he never thought of inquiring whether they were church or chapel people, for he was glad to see them all there. (Hear, hear).

Mr Barratt seconded the motion.

Mr Westley inquired which date was fixed first?

The Chairman: The parochial treat was fixed first and advertised. They made certain arrangements for a certain night, and a few nights after the Rector and his friends met together, and decided also to have a gathering the same night.

The resolution was carried, Mr Ball, Mr Maycock, and Mr Attfield remaining neutral.

1930 photo of a gathering showing all denominations together
This photograph is of a multi-denominational gathering in 1930 by which time all the differences appear to have been resolved.

See 'Old Folks Treat' article for a further event in 1939

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