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Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph 5 August 1993

Call to turn graveyard over to car parking

A call has been made to turn a cemetery into a car park to ease parking problems in a Burton Latimer street.

The suggestion was made by town councillor David Davies as a possible solution to potential parking problems in Church Street if an extension to St Mary's Church is given the go-ahead.

The £250,000 extension to the church was discussed at a special meeting of Burton Latimer Council.

The issue has split the town because people fear the planned meeting room, which could hold up to 200, would make parking problems worse.

On Sundays and when there are weddings or funerals at the church, drivers park along both sides of the street making it difficult for traffic to pass.

Mr Davies said he thought some open land in one of the four churchyards in Church Lane could be used for parking.

He said: "If the tombstones are moved in a respectful manner it might be an alternative."

Cllr Christopher Groome said: "I don't like the idea of substantial areas of the graveyard being turned into a car park."

Fundraiser for the project and church member Brian Mutlow said: "I suppose it is always possible but I don't think an application would be put in because it is such a sensitive issue."

Town clerk Laurie Sturgess said the graveyard parking suggestion was unlikely to go ahead because the town council has resisted development in Church Lane and access would be a problem.

The council welcomed the extension scheme but wanted the church to designate parking spaces or help minimise problems that could arise.

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