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Article from local newspaper 1979 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Mr Jim Harker, Mr Frank Lewis and Mr Stan Lewis
look over the area where renovation is needed

A house to house collection starts today in Burton Latimer to raise the £6,000 needed to complete restoration at the parish church.

Fifty volunteers will be knocking on every door in the parish at the start of a fresh wave of fundraising.

Stonework on the 13th century tower, battlements and clerestory windows is being restored at a cost of £18,000.

Work began in April with the aid of a £6,000 grant from the Department of the Environment, £1,000 from the Historic Churches Preservation Fund, and £300 from a local trust, the John Warren Foundation.

“We have £4,000 in hand, but still need to raise £6,000. As well as the house to house collection, we are organizing coffee mornings and suppers,” said Mr. Brian Mutlow, treasurer of the parochial church council.

The men doing the restoration work are two local brothers – stonemasons Frank and Stan Lewis, who both live in Burton Latimer.

“We are very pleased with the way the work is progressing. It forms part of a 20 year programme of repairs and renovations,” said Mr. Jim Harker, architect in charge.

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