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Article from Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, 19 March 1971 transcribed by Raylee Burton

Restoration of the Paintings at Burton Latimer Parish Church

13th Century Art Saved by Trust

Wall paintings dating back as far as the 13th century are being preserved with the help of the Pilgrim Trust at Burton Latimer Parish Church.

Three of the paintings on the north wall of the church are thought to be late 13th century while others above the central aisle in the knave which are late 16th century have been executed over existing works which could date from the 13th century.

The Pilgrim Trust have given the church a grant of £2,000 for the preservation of the paintings which is being carried out by Mrs. Eve Baker, of Oxfordshire.

“We will have to remove the paintings in the nave and put them back with an artificial support or else they will fall,” said Mrs. Baker.

“They have been covered in wax in an earlier attempt to preserve them and we will have to clean this off.

“They have been affected by damp and rotten plaster in the church and have been damaged by salts coming through the paintings,” she added.

The Rector of Burton Latimer, the Rev. D. N. Hole, said: “They are not beautiful paintings, but they are of great historical interest.

“The Pilgrim Trust have given us about £2,000 and it will probably cost more by the time Mrs. Baker has finished."

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