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Transcribed from original document by Janet Meads

Review of Fabric 1637

The Church view of ye Denary of Higham by Dr Sybthorpe and Mr Coles etc by virtue of a Comission fro the right reverent Father in God Francis Lord Bishopp of Peterborough.  Anno domini 1637

September 28 Burton Latimer

Ad 1. omnia bene.

Ad 2. the leads want filleting in some places of the Church and battlements of the steeple.  And there wants a Sance Bell which was formerly there.  And the sealing and leads overhead wants repaire and the Church yard mounds two low on the East side.

Ad 3. omnia bene, saving that St Mary lle wants pargetting and whiting in some places.

Ad 4. divers seates in the Church in all the spaces wants boarding in the bottome and the backe and top there wants seates at the lower end of the Ally on the South space and likewise the lower end of the North space the space betwixt Mr Bacons seate and the Chancell is not decently paved.  Christ lle nor St Marys lle not decently paved, one Window in Christ lle and another in St Marys lle are partly dammed upp at the bottome Two windows of the North sidell of the Church and one window of the South side, And one window of the west end of the South lle are partly dammed upp.  The bottome of the pillows want repayre throughout.  The Cancelling before the Communion Table wants painting and adorning there being provision made for the same yet is neglected to be perfected.  The Church diall want perfecting yet hath provision beene long tyme made for the same  The vestrie is downe and the doore to goe out of the Chancell into it is dammed upp.  The Church porch wants whiteing.  The Belfry wants paving or a decent loft.  The Church is littered with base patches and peeces of mattes which are fitt to be carried out and either two faire whole matts to be made for every seate one for the settle and another for the bottome or else no mattes at all to be permitted.

Ad 5. omnia bene, saving that the Cover for the Communion table is an old one and there were some tymes two and now but one.

Ad 6. omnia bene, saving that the cover of the beere is broken.

Signed:  William Lovell  Guardians

              Christopher Peach

              John Mason.               Jurati

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