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Transcribed by Janet Meads 2008


Note or Catalogue of certaine Ornaments, Bookes & Utensills belonging to the Church of Burton aforesaid and remayning in the Churchwardens charge to be delivered over from Churchwarden to Churchwarden successively:

Two new Surplices and one old one

A carpet of silk for the Communion Table

A silver Chalice with a Cover

Two Plates

Two fflaggons

A Bason and Ewer and three Trenchers

Two Boxes for Collectionof Breefe mony

A greene Say Covering for the Pulpit

An hower Glasse

A black herse Cloth

An yron Barre

Two Mole Staves with tines & Spuds

A Net to catch Starlings

A dyall Board

Half an hundred of leafe gold

Two frayle Beesoms

A hammer to use about the Clock

A great Bible

A new booke of Common prayer, and two old ones

Jewel & Harding

Erasmus Paraphrase

God and the King

Thanksgiving 27 Marty, and the 5th of November

His Majesty's declaration for Lawfull Recreations

Two Tomes of Homilies in one Book

A Register Book

A parcelll of old Register Rolls

The Bookes of the Churchwardens Accompts lying in the Chest part page. 18. of the Ingrossed Accompts in Anno 1636 at the end of that Accompt

The old Churchwardens are to deliver these over to the new Churchwardens   Juny . 29. 1640

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