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Church Choirs 1894 and 1914

Church Choir 1894
The Church Choir 1894

Front Row L to R: Horace Miller, Walter Weston, Arthur Capps (behind), George Talbutt, George Campion (behind),
Rev F B Newman, William Toseland, Fred Sturman (behind), John Campion, Joe Whitney, Frank Miller (behind),
Charles Cooke, Frank Currin (behind)

Second Row L to R: Joseph Weston, John Stokes, Arthur Stokes, Rev Harold Priestland, Thomas H Vickers,
Edward Wittering

Second Row L to R: Samuel Smith, John Norton, Charles Fox, Thomas Browning, Arthur G Miller, Frank Eady

Back Row L to R: Robert W Nelson, Richard Hobson, William Linnell

Church Choir1914

The Church Choir – 1914

Back row: Mr. J. Norton, Alf Chamberlain, F. Payne, Lal Palmer, Gerald Payne, Billy Harding, C. Wittering, B. Lansom,
‘a Cottage Homes boy’, Alf, Arthur and Harry Tailby, A. Wittering, F. Hendry, Hector Popham, Mr. Linnell,
Frank Hickman, Fred Baker, Bert Fox.

Front row: Mr. Bird, F. Currin, Arthur Hollingsworth, Frank Tailby? Frank Charles, Mr. Charles Fox, Henry Marriott, Mr. J. Boardman,
B. Twelvetree, Revd. G. L Richardson, H. Hollingsworth, Mr. A. Clark (choirmaster), H. Dainty, Mr. F Wallis, H. Watson,
Mr. F. Shortland, Wilf Downing, Mr. H. Ambler.

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