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Burton Latimer Blind Committee - 1967

The Burton Latimer Committee for the Blind was a group of club members from all the Working Mens' Clubs in Burton Latimer. It raised funds for the relief of blind and partially-sighted townspeople through social events and collections. Much of its income was raised at the time of the town's annual gala parade. The photograph above was taken in the garden of the Conservative Club in 1967.

Left to right: Standing: Percy Toseland, George Craddock, Roy Beeby, Joe Whitney, George Benford, Fred Blundell, Pat Grogan, Sam Coe, Douglas Benford, Bill West, Mick Abbott, Dennis Abbott and Jack Northern.
Seated: Dick Cooper, Wilf Taylor, Ray Bugby, Bob Mackintosh (Chairman), Ernie Freestone, Jack Capps, Bert Capps and Bob Short.

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