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Presented by Margaret Craddock 2010. Fresh information added 2013
Washpit Farm
Washpit Farm, from the east.  The line of houses in the left distance is the High Street
1886 Map of Washpit Farm in Burton Latimer High Street
Above - Farming Days at Washpit Farm
This photo probably dates from c.1905
Charles Hull shears sheep, watched by his son Walter.

Right - maps of Washpit Farm
above : in 1886, below : in 1928

1928 Map of Washpit Farm in Burton Latimer High Street

The 1886 Ordnance Survey map shows the site of Washpit Farm. It was owned by the Harpurs and farmed by a succession of tenants including John Stokes' family from1830 for about 70 years. Walter Attfield, another Harpur tenant, farmed it in the early 1900s. There were then a succession of non-farming tenants including Drs. Byrne and Harris who held surgeries there from about 1915 whilst the farmland was let to a Mr Panter and Mr W H Buckby. The farm house was sold in 1924 to Mr L. Wacks and its land was farmed by the tenant of Hilly Farm.

The main farmhouse was made of stone, which would indicate that it dated from the 18th century.  There was a series of outbuildings arranged in a roughly square layout.  The Ordnance Survey map of 1928 shows few signs of change to the size of the site or the number and arrangement of the buildings.  However, the role of the site had already changed.

Mason's Garage, forecourt and pumps c.1947 The old farmhouse and cycle repair shed c.1952
The scene in about 1950

Left - The forecourt and High Street access. Right - the cycle repair shop
The farm origins of the site are clearly visible in both these photos
Below - an aerial view from this period

Aerial view about 1950

In the 1920s, George Mason purchased the entire former farm site, and from 1927 to 1961, he ran a motor business there.  The former small barn which fronted the High Street was converted into a cycle repair shop, and for a while, cycles were sold and repaired there. It passed into private hands, and continued as “The Regency Garage”.  The petrol sales forecourt area was acquired by Budgens Supermarkets, and their new store opened in 2000.  In February 2008, the store re-opened as a "Sainsbury's Local".

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