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Redlands Farm

Sammy J Dunmore
Sammy J Dunmore

Redlands Farm, owned by the Harpur family, was situated in Kettering Road, although the two Redland Closes that probably give it its name are off Cranford Road. The farmhouse was south of the Waggon & Horses public house but there is no evidence to show that it was occupied by farmers, only farm workers. In 1920, during the tenancy of Samuel Draper, it was converted to two 'cottages' and a new farm house built opposite Station Road corner. Sam Dunmore, a tenant farmer from at least 1934 to the end of the Second World War lived in this house.

Other tenant farmers that were associated with Redlands Farm are James Osborne in the late 1880s followed by Edward Hutchinson from 1902 to 1918. James Osborne was one of its tenants who took advantage of the iron ore that lay below some of the farm's fields and also occupied land in other parts of the parish. His home was on the corner of Church Street and the Cross in the house that is now known as Osborne House.

At the time of the 1941 Wartime Agricultural Survey the total acreage of the farm was 139 with one full time male worker and two part time male workers were employed. The crops grown were wheat, barley and oats with a small quantity of potatoes together with other vegetables both for human consumption and for cattle fodder. In addition cattle, sheep, pigs and a horse were listed.

This farm was detailed in the Wartime Survey in 1941

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