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Home Farm (also known as Glebe Farm and Rectory Farm), now Bennie's

Home Farm is situated in Kettering Road and was once known as Rectory Farm or Glebe Farm as it formed part of the Church Glebe. The first identified tenants were the Pulver family in the late 18th/early 19th century, Willliam J Gross who was farming here in 1890, followed by Robert Barker from 1903, and in 1910 by Fred Taylor Freestone. The farm was bought in 1920 by the Harpur family and renamed Home Farm. In 1926 John Latimer Harpur was living in the farmhouse but by the early 1930s the farm was failing until in about 1935 James Bennie took over the tenancy followed by his son, Duncan Bennie, and currently (2011) Duncan's son James.

Home Farm in 2001 Home Farm shown at the rear of The Yews
Home Farm in 2001
The Yews in the foreground with Home Farm at the rear

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